On 06-08-2015 Mile High Gutters installed new flashing, and new gutter system, replacing the defective system. I had left town the previous Saturday, after struggling with heavy rains causing 2 weeks worth of garage flooding, due to 0-pitch no drain garage gutters, and a waterfall with resulting front-yard-lake, from NorthWest 0-pitch front porch and house gutters no-draining gutters. I returned from my grandaughters graduation Monday evening, 6-08-2015 to see the following changes in the gutter and flashing system:

  • colored marks on roof, every 1 foot, indicating pitch to be placed throughout entire garage and house
  • TIGHT gutters to fascia boards, angled to ensure drainage stayed in gutter from roof.
  • TIGHT flashing to fascia boards
  • cap ends flush against house siding. open gutters on flat roofs capped
  • ALL corners had three components to stop leaking: seam, underside folded over seam, caulking over each inside. metal screws as well
  • jointed downspouts with stabilizer bracket to hold in place when not needed
  • caulking around all downspout openings inside gutters
  • three downspouts added
  • corrected fascia water damage from faulty gutter system removed
  • WATER TESTED all gutter system, garage and house
  • After heavy rainfall Thursday 6-11-2015 (3″ in birdbath) there was NO GARAGE flooding, NO front yard lake. Friday afternoon, gutters were DRY, when I got out the ladder and inspected house and garage.

I spoke to Dan Oliver, who oversaw the entire job, and he explained how difficult and messy the installation of the flashing and new gutter system was, due to all the standing water, mud, and debris. However, there was NO mess left in the flower beds, lawn, or driveway from the installation crew.

I HIGHLY recommend Mile Hugh Gutters.

I appreciate all of your reviewing, and time spent helping me resolve this consumer issues. You are providing a valuable source to the Denver area where we really need it. I had found out in the process of researching gutter systems, that the gutter industry had been deregulated when Governor Hickenlooper came into office. And one of the consequences has been a change in the customer service.

As always, in any industry, there’s a solid group of workers willing to go the extra mile for all jobs. You and Mile Hugh Gutters are just such workers, and I am a very grateful consumer!!!!

-Sarah S. -Denver CO. 80219