Snow Solution Systems

Keeping Your Home & Business Safe From Extreme Colorado Winter Weather

Snow Retention Systems

The Snobar system was designed as a defense mechanism to prevent snow from sliding off metal roofs. It is an excellent solution for heavy-traffic areas, protecting people and vehicles from potentially harmful falling snow and ice. It is also particularly helpful in the prevention of large accumulations at important spots such as, entrances, driveways and lower roof areas. Other applications for the system include: protection of gutters, stacks, skylights, equipment, and expensive landscaping.

De-Icing Systems

Ice dams can form dangerous icicles, and cause water seepage into buildings. Ice dams form as a result of melting snow and ice freezing on the roof when they reach the cold roof edge. The ice forms a barrier, and melted water accumulates behind this dam. Pooled water behind the dam is a serious issue because it may leak into the building, causing water damage, or it could climb over the ice-filled gutter, forming icicles.
Heat tape is used to de-ice your roof and gutter system. Raychem systems, self-regulating heating cable, provides a continuous path for melted ice and snow to safely drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout. Versatile, reliable, energy-saving, and cost-effective, these systems are the most effective answer for roof and gutter de-icing applications.

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